Catalyst Silver Lake

Catalyst Silver Lake is now serving the Silver Lake community! While one of the few social equity dispensaries in California, Catalyst Silver Lake is the third open and operational social equity owner in the Catalyst family.  Oliver Barroso, the social equity owner, was born and raised in LA with connections to some of LA’s hometown heroes.  While Oliver has had a two year journey to get to this point, he is ecstatic to partner with a brand that has similar focus.  Catalyst Silver Lake takes great pride in ensuring that the community within Los Angeles has access to affordable, high quality cannabis products while continuing to uplift the industry by supporting social equity applicants.  

Catalyst Silver Lake will join the Fletcher Square businesses providing personal wellness while others contribute beauty services as well as excellent food.  For those who know the Secret Stairs of Silver Lake, Catalyst will be just a stop before or after your nightly exercise or walk with furbabies.  With Catalyst’s focus on career development as well as hiring from within the community, you will not only see friendly faces but can expect the same level of quality care, welcome, and customer service for your cannabis needs. 


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Store Hours: 9:00 AM to 9:30 PM Daily


Featured Brand: Cali Lotus & Blem 

Tracing its roots back to the early 2000s in Southern California, Cali Lotus has strived to achieve one goal: to consistently cultivate high quality cannabis, specifically OG Kush.  Boasting a rich history of widely sought-after strains—including being one of the original collaborators of JetFuel OG as well as the original cultivator of the award-winning Billy Kimber OG and 40 Elephants— Cali Lotus is now focused on exclusively cultivating the flower brands BLEM, JetFuel OG, CL and Los Angeles Fuel! 

Fresh Drops


Do you want to be the first to know about the latest drops from Fresh Baked, Connected California, Kush Co., Wonderbrett, Cannabiotix, LoLo Cannabis, Hash and Flowers, Paper Planes, Doja Pak and many others incredible brands. Catalyst is the place to get all the latest drops from the best California brands. 

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Always ask your budtender about the latest drops, hookups and deals. If you’re newer to cannabis our highly knowledgeable budtenders educate as well as guide you  to the perfect product for your needs. If you’re not new to this, you know we’ll hook you up with the best cannabis product for your needs!

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