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Customer Agreement


Customers understand that they must comply with the following:

Customers understand that they must be 21 years of age or older to shop at our stores or be a patient that is 18 years of age or older with a valid medical card or a caregiver.

Absolutely no transfer of cash from customer to customer in lobby.

No unattended children under the age of 13 on property, including the parking lot.

Customers suspected to be intoxicated will not be allowed to purchase products.

Customers agree to treat staff with respect.

Customers understand that Catalyst reserves the right to refuse service.

Customers understand that products purchased are for their personal use only.

Customers understand that they may NOT resell cannabis products from our store or engage in any other form of diversion of cannabis products to the illicit market. Customers found guilty of this will be banned from all locations for life.

Customers understand that all sales are final. The store will make exchanges for defective products on a case-by-case basis, in our sole discretion.

Customers will refrain from removing products from their exit bags while on premises.

Customers will refrain from consuming products on premises.

Customers agree to the terms of our Loyalty program, which include:

Loyalty Program members will receive two (2) cents in rewards for every dollar spent before taxes on all purchases made at any participating retail store (including in-store pick-up orders placed on the Website, if applicable) with the exception of gift cards, purchases made prior to the effective date and other merchandise designated as a special promotion (“Qualifying Purchase”).

Catalyst has the sole discretion in designating Loyalty Program exclusions. The rewards cannot be redeemed in cash and can only be applied toward other Qualifying Purchases.

If a membership is terminated for any reasons, all reward associated with that membership and any membership benefits will be forfeited immediately upon termination.

Customers consent to receiving occasional marketing promotions via text and email by signing up for our Loyalty Program. Customers understand they may opt out of these promotions by replying “STOP” to the marketing texts and “unsubscribe” on the emails.

Do Not Sell My Personal Information