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Terps For The People: ColdFire x BLEM: GLŨDAZ!

Just in time for the Holidays, ColdFire has teamed up with BLEM to drop Glũdaz, an exclusive Catalyst Cannabis release!

About ColdFire

Product display: ColdFire Juice Cartridge

Operated in Los Angeles, California, ColdFire has quickly risen to the ranks as one of the top selling vape brands across all Catalyst dispensaries. The brand collaborates with a variety of fan-favorite growers on exclusive 510-thread cartridges made from some of the most popular strains in the market. The brand proudly endorses their cartridge as the Most Flavorful Cured Vape Cart in the World. To achieve their cured resin and live resin, ColdFire products are extracted below -100° using 100% butane in a single extraction process.

What is Cured Resin?

Although ColdFire offers customers both Cured Resin and Live Resin options, Glũdaz in particular is a Cured Resin cartridge. Cured Resin is a concentrated form of cannabis extracted from previously cured buds. After harvesting and trimming cannabis buds, they undergo a curing process, providing time for moisture levels to decrease and for cannabinoids and terpenes to become securely locked in. Once the buds have completed the curing stage, processors employ various techniques, such as heat, solvents, or pressure, to isolate the resinous trichomes from the bud. The final product achieved through these methods is what we refer to as cured resin.

What is Live Resin?

Live Resin is essentially cannabis concentrate that’s “alive” at the time of harvest. This means the cannabis flowers are picked and promptly frozen before undergoing the curing process. The trichomes, which contain the resin, are then harvested from the frozen plant. Various methods, like high pressure or solvents, can be applied to separate the resinous trichomes from the frozen cannabis buds.

About BLEM

Cultivated by Cali Lotus, BLEM is a Southern-California based brand known for strains like Unruly Kush, Tangie Ting, Boasy, Cyattie, and more! With over 20 years of indoor experience, Cali Lotus is a legacy cultivation company that created classic strains like Billy Kimber and Jetfuel. For smokers who are fans of rolling up potent top-tier flower, BLEM is an undeniable choice!

About Glũdaz

Product display of 510-threaded cartridge: Glũdaz

Together ColdFire and BLEM have produced the perfect 510-threaded cartridge: Glũdaz! With Original Glue genetics, users can anticipate heavy euphoria and relaxation from this hybrid strain. It has aromatic notes of sour skunk and diesel, with an overall sour flavor. The ColdFire label describes it as “”Grandma’s Homemade Pie, Buttery Crust & Earth.” The dominant terpene of this strain is caryophyllene, which is thought to offer potential anti-inflammatory effects. Unlike other terpenes, caryophyllene stands out by also acting as a cannabinoid. Strains rich in caryophyllene may evoke sensations of warmth and spice when consumed. Interestingly, this terpene isn’t exclusive to cannabis; it’s commonly present in everyday ingredients like black pepper, cloves, and cinnamon. With Glũdaz’s terpenes testing at 8.4%, if you love The Original Glue (AKA Gorilla Glue), then Glũdaz is the one for you!

This extremely limited drop is exclusively available at the following Catalyst Cannabis location near you in California:

ColdFire Juice x BLEM | Glũdaz | Exclusive Catalyst Drop

With quality and convenience both in mind, ColdFire Juice and BLEM have teamed up to bring this premium cartridge to Catalyst Cannabis. With flavor and potency as the priority, they claim that there is absolutely no distillate or additives in their cartridges. Head over to Catalyst Cannabis near you today and experience why Flavor Speaks Louder Than Words with ColdFire x BLEM! From 12/22 to 12/25, Catalyst will be celebrating Kushmas with 40% OFF your favorite brands, including ColdFire! Pull up!