Catalyst’s 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

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Shoutout to all of the last-minute shoppers and everyone looking to elevate their experience during the Holidaze!  We’re here to help.

From infused bath bombs to flavorful pre-rolls, our team curated a list of 11 must-try cannabis products that promise to add a touch of magic to your holiday season. Take a look down below, but don’t forget! From 12/22-12/25, we are celebrating Kushmas with 40% off your favorite brands! Visit your local Catalyst dispensary ASAP! 

Self Care: Carter’s Aromatherapy Designs Cooling + Mimosa Roll On

Carter’s Aromatherapy Designs makes some incredible topicals that provide great relief, and also make fo r perfect Holiday gifts! With 150mg CBD and 160mg THC, the Cooling Roll On can help with sore muscles, sore joints, arthritis, body aches, psoriasis, cramps, and everyday pain. With 115mg CBD and 100mg THC, the Mimosa Roll On may help with skin hydration, stress, muscles, reduce inflammation, burns, dry and damaged skin, and sore joints.

Quench Your Thirst: St Ides Cannabis Infused Shot

With 100mg THC packed in 4OZ, these St. Ides Cannabis Infused Shots are tiny but mighty! The perfectly portioned stocking-stuffers are available in Watermelon, Blue Razz, and Strawberry Lemonade! So now when you need a little boost during your Christmas Eve dinner, St. Ides and Catalyst got you covered! Come by to your local Catalyst on Christmas Day! After all, it will be Munchie Monday, so come get your 15% off any edible, including these drinks!

St Ides Cannabis Infused Shot

Half Ounce, Full Flavor: Chem Kardashian by Coastal Sun

Chem Kardashian by Coastal Sun

Spice up your festivities with Coastal Sun’s Chem Kardashian, aka Crop Duster! Picture this: a burst of diesel flavor followed by a hint of sweet Zkittlez magic. With its Sundae Driver x Zkittlez x Phinest Chem D genetics, this bioponic greenhouse flower can elevate your mood and ease your Christmas-shopping anxiety. Trust me, this strain is the festive must-try, giving you that extra cheer for the holly-jolly season. Chem Kardashian by Coastal Sun—it’s the gift that keeps on giving! 

The Gift of Convenience: Muha Meds

This Kushmas season, it’a time to experience quality, convenience, and portability with Muha Meds’ 2 Gram disposable line!  Muha Meds prioritizes purity and potency, offering ready-to-use disposables in a variety of meticulously crafted flavors, including Kush Mintz, Runtz, Gatsby OG, and more! Each product is accompanied by a QR code, ensuring transparency with lab results and authenticity. Elevate your Kushmas gifting by stocking up on Muha Meds—surprise a vape enthusiast with a stocking filled with the perfect blend of luxury and flavor! Be sure to swing by your local Catalyst from 12/22-12/25 and receive 40% off your favorite brands!

Muha Meds

Full Spectrum: 710 Labs RSO

Person holding 710 Labs RSO

Embark on a journey of wellness this holiday season with 710 Labs’ RSO—your ultimate gift for cannabis enthusiasts seeking a holistic experience. Designed for oral or topical use, this Rick Simpson Oil stands out as a decarboxylated full spectrum extract, capturing the essence of the entire cannabis plant. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of cannabinoids, terpenes, and other valuable compounds that define the full spectrum. What makes 710 Labs’ RSO truly special is its strain specificity, ensuring a personalized and thoughtful gift. Give the gift of elevated well-being this holiday with 710 Labs’ RSO—a unique and carefully crafted cannabis oil that embodies the spirit of the season!

For The Family Dinner Party: Turn Pods

Their solventless line is small batch, selective, and extracted by natural means only. They use strains grown precisely for the solventless process — water, ice, and agitation — to give users the purest essence of the plant and a supernatural flavor experience. A few fan-favorite strains from Turn include Rainbow Brite (Moonbow x Zkittlez) and GMO Cookies! Also, when you’re at the diner party and you can’t smell dank, these pods are perfect.

For those who are constantly on the go and need vape that’ll get the job done, Turn is an incredible option! Turn offers 3 varieties of pods: Botanica Blends, 100% Live Resin, and 100% Solventless.

Display of Turn Pods

For Top Shelf Lovers: Team Elite

Display of Team Elite products

If you’re looking for quality flower to gift, Team Elite Genetics has you covered! Proclaiming themselves as “The Most Flavorful Cannabis in The World,” Team Elite Genetics have been awarded 30 High Times Cannabis Cups with 13 different strains! This Holiday Season, a few favorite strains from TEG include Styrofoam Cup and Orange Soda. Styrofoam Cup is a heavily sedating Indica that features a pungent, gasoline aroma with sweet undertones. Bred by Cannarado, Its lineage traces to Sunset Sherbet x GMO AKA MSG. Orange Soda’s genetics are Tangie x Grandma’s Cookies Pheno #7 and it has the citrus flavor of orange fountain soda poured over ice! Winning 1st place Sativa flower at the 2019 High Times Dope Cup and 2019 High Times Central Valley Cup, this powerful, positive, and upbeat strain is a great present to put under your tree!

For the Dab Lovers: Trilogy 710 Rosin

Display of Trilogy 710’s Rosin products

For the concentrate lover in your life, Trilogy 710’s Rosin will be on the top of their gift list!

This premium brand has surged in popularity, captivating enthusiasts with its commitment to quality. Trilogy 710 offers an array of enticing strains, such as: Blue Guava, Z Juice, Nanas Foster, Papaya, OG Grape Pie, Purple Yamz, Rainbow Beltz, Zamurai, and Yosemite by Burning Rope Farms. As a thoughtful gift for the discerning cannabis connoisseur, Trilogy 710 sets the standard for excellence in solventless concentrates.

Rear-view Display of Trilogy 710’s Rosin products

Rolled-Up and Ready: KingRoll Juniors Dealers Choice Infused Pre Rolls

Person holding KingRoll Juniors Dealers Choice Infused Pre Rolls

Unveiling the perfect holiday indulgence: KingRoll Juniors Dealers Choice Infused Pre Rolls! Elevate your festivities with this multipack featuring four meticulously crafted .75-gram pre-rolls, each coated in kief and infused with the premium cannabis oil from Kingpen. Ideal for festive gatherings, each pre-roll promises a clean, slow-burning session, ensuring a smooth and satisfying smoking experience. Make every moment memorable with these handcrafted delights—a thoughtful and distinctive gift for the cannabis connoisseur in your life. Head over to your local Catalyst and grab a pack today!

Self-Care Stocking Stuffers: OM Bath Bomb

Treat yourself or a loved one to the gift of relaxation with Om’s innovative and calming cannabis-infused bath bombs. Bath bombs, like Om’s, offer a unique way to incorporate cannabinoids like THC and CBD into your relaxation ritual. These bath bombs work similarly to infused massage oils, allowing the cannabinoids to be absorbed through the skin. As the bath bomb dissolves, it creates a spa-like atmosphere, enveloping the bather in a cloud of fragrant, relaxing scents. While you won’t experience a traditional “high,” the relaxing properties of THC and CBD may help soothe your body and alleviate tension. Om’s Infused Bath Bomb provides a luxurious and tranquil bathing experience, making it an ideal gift for those seeking a blissful escape.

Display of OM Bath Bomb

Donuts for Kushmas: Rosin Tech Labs Hash Hole

Display of Rosin Tech Labs Hash Hole

Every stoner can appreciate a good preroll, but have you had a Hash Hole?

A HashHole is a type of large preroll with premium rosin placed in the center of it. As the joint burns, a hole where the rosin burned forms in the middle of the ash. Strain-specific and small-batch, Rosin Tech Labs’ Hash Hole features 1.3 grams of premier indoor weed with .3 of top tier RTL Black Label rosin. The ingredients are then rolled in a Vibes Black Paper with a custom, smoke cooling, branded glass filter. If you’re looking for a special gift for a cannabis connoisseur, the Rosin Tech Labs Hash Hole make for the perfect stocking stuffers!

Display of Rosin Tech Labs Hash Hole