Trees For The People: Catalyst Cares’ 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Giveaway in Bellflower, CA!

In the heart of Bellflower, California, the spirit of giving reached new heights on Sunday, December 10, as Catalyst Cares, a division of Catalyst Cannabis Co, hosted its 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Giveaway. Held at Catalyst’s Cannabis Bellflower location at 9032 Artesia Blvd, the event brought the community together, creating an atmosphere filled with joy, gratitude, and the magic of the holiday season.

A Celebration of Giving:

Catalyst Cares set the stage for a day filled with generosity and goodwill. The 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Giveaway aimed to spread holiday cheer to the local residents of Bellflower, and by noon, 150 Christmas trees found new homes in the hands of excited community members. Many customers pulled up on Saucey Sunday thinking they would only receive 15% off their favorite concentrate, but they were thrilled to take home a tree along with their brown bag of product.

No Strings Attached:

One of the dopest aspects of this event was Catalyst Cares’ commitment to giving with no strings attached. Anyone was welcome to receive a Christmas tree, without any requirement of making a purchase at the dispensary. Our team understood the importance of creating an inclusive and uplifting experience for everyone, ensuring that the holiday spirit reached even those facing challenges during this time of year. Families, friends, and people from all walks of life pulled up to Catalyst Bellflower’s lot to receive a beautiful Christmas tree, symbolizing Catalyst’s For The People philosophy.

Community Unity:

The Catalyst Cares team worked tirelessly to organize a seamless operation, from setting up the event space to carefully selecting and arranging the Christmas trees. Their dedication to creating a memorable experience for the Bellflower community was evident in every detail. To show support, Bellflower City Council Member, Victor Sanchez, also took part in the giveaway. “Today I’m out here with Catalyst Cares and they’re giving out 150 trees. It’s just great to be here and partner with individuals who are doing great things for the community,” Sanchez said.

Sparking Positivity:

Beyond the immediate joy experienced by those who received Christmas trees, Catalyst Cares’ 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Giveaway had a ripple effect on the community. The event sparked conversations about the importance of giving back and inspired a sense of hope during a time when it is needed most. Co-Founder & CEO of Catalyst Cannabis Co Elliot Lewis shares, “It uplifts and energizes us to give back to the community and we are always grateful. We are in a super hard industry, where shit will wear you down. But at the end of the day, if we can take a day to give back, it gives us the strength to keep moving forward. Trees For The People.”

High Spirits:

Catalyst Cares’ 2nd Annual Christmas Tree Giveaway was more than just a festive event; it was a demonstration of the power of compassion and community. In the true spirit of the season, Catalyst Cares provided an opportunity for joy, unity, and generosity, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts of the Bellflower community. As the trees found their way into homes, they became symbols of hope, love, and the magic that can spark when a community comes together to spread holiday cheer.

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