Catalyst DTLB

Catalyst Downtown Long Beach is a locally owned and operated cannabis dispensary serving Long Beach and the surrounding areas of Carson, Compton, Signal Hill and Lakewood. We are Located at 433 Pine ave. in Downtown Long Beach. Catalyst’s goal is to uplift the community. Our very own CEO’s wife Anna Lewis and her best friend Lupita have landscaped the entire street adding much needed greenery and beautiful lush plants! Catalyst is always actively seeking partnerships with local businesses to host community events to show visitors and residents what the Historic Pine District in Downtown Long Beach has to offer. This store has been over 4 years in the making, so visit us today and see what its all about!


As always, fire weed at fire prices.


Store Hours: 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM Daily



Featured Brand: FRESH BAKED

Fresh Baked was started back in the early 2000’s, providing consistent access of clean cannabis to qualified patients. In those initial years FRESH BAKED was committed to ensuring that cannabis users had access to not only their meds, but high grade, hand curated, potent flowers. In this new exciting adult use era, FRESH BAKED is cultivated by partner and Chief Cultivating Officer KRD (@krd_inc). KRD has spent 20+ years hunting, trading, and breeding in order to refine a strain collection that has now become the FRESH BAKED staple. All FRESH BAKED flowers are selected, hand watered, and stacked in their licensed facilities in Long Beach, CA. They will never package anything in FRESH BAKED that hasn’t been grown on their farms by their farmers.  No distractions, no gimmicks, and no over the top packaging to distract from the highest quality flowers.  Sophistication lies in simplicity. Enjoy! @fresh_baked__ / @freshbakedlb #wearelongbeachfarmers #weedforthepeople

Fresh Drops


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Text “catalyst” at 1-844-987-3492 to join our text club to learn about all the latest fresh drops and hot #Weedforthepeople deals. 


Always ask your budtender about the latest drops, hookups and deals. If your newer to cannabis our highly knowledgeable budtenders educate as well as guide you  to the perfect product for your needs. If your not new to this you know we’ll hook you up with the best cannabis product for your needs!


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