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Welcome OC3 to the Catalyst Family

A New Chapter in Santa Ana’s Cannabis Community

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We are thrilled to announce that OC3 has officially joined the Catalyst family! As of this year, Catalyst has acquired OC3, a legacy cannabis dispensary that has proudly served the Santa Ana community since September 2015. This strategic acquisition marks a significant milestone for both OC3 and Catalyst, driven by mutual necessity and shared values.

What is happening to Catalyst Santa Ana?

The expansion of the 55 freeway into Catalyst Santa Ana’s parking lot presented a tough decision for us —close the store or relocate. Simultaneously, OC3, a staple in the Santa Ana cannabis scene for nearly nine years, was owned by a smaller company looking to sell due to economic conditions. This acquisition was a perfect match, benefiting both OC3 and Catalyst. For the time being, customers who shop at Catalyst Santa Ana are encouraged to visit Catalyst OC3 Santa Ana. 

What to Expect with Catalyst OC3 Santa Ana

Catalyst is dedicated to our motto, “Weed For The People,” and this will remain our guiding principle as we integrate OC3 into our operations. Customers can look forward to:

  • Fire Weed @ Fire Prices: Continuing our commitment to affordability.
  • Community Engagement: Ongoing initiatives like community events & local support
  • Extended Hours: Monday to Thursday, 9:00 AM – 9:30 PM, and Friday to Sunday, 8:00 AM – 9:30 PM.

Preserving OC3’s Legacy

While there will be some exciting changes, we are committed to preserving the best aspects of OC3:

  • Senior Discounts: We are grandfathering OC3’s senior discount.
  • Rewards Program: Customers will continue to receive points for every $1 spent.

Positive Community Impact

Catalyst has always focused on community involvement, and this will continue at Catalyst OC3 Santa Ana. Our efforts to stock price-friendly products, engage in environmental cleanups, and support local communities reflect our dedication to giving back.

Employment Opportunities

We are not currently hiring but we are always accepting applications! If you are interested in joining our team, please submit your resume to our Receptionist at the store and we will reach out if there is a position available.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customers can expect a positive impact with improved inventory management and competitive pricing. Follow our CEO on Instagram (@catalyst_CEO) for updates on new products and services.

Familiar Faces and New Beginnings

You will see a mix of familiar faces from OC3 and Catalyst Santa Ana as we merge both teams. We are committed to integrating OC3’s values and culture, which align perfectly with Catalyst’s mission of “Weed For The People.”

Upcoming Events and Promotions

Celebrate this new chapter with us at Catalyst OC3 Santa Ana any day of the week! Our biggest promotion days are 4/20, 7/10, Thanksgiving week & Christmas week. Don’t miss out our huge hook ups!

Payment Methods

We accept debit cards and cash for your convenience.

A History of OC3

OC3 was the first licensed dispensary to open in Orange County/Santa Ana. It has been recognized by OCWeekly with multiple awards:

  • 2017: Best Patient Appreciation Day
  • 2018: Best Patient Appreciation Day, Best Budtenders
  • 2019: Best Dispensary, Best Budtenders, and Best Patient Appreciation Day

We are honored to build on this legacy and continue to serve the Santa Ana community with excellence. Welcome to Catalyst OC3 Santa Ana—where it is always, “Weed for the People”.